Samsung Partners with eKitabu to roll out Digital Learning for Schools

Posted: 02 Apr 2014 07:30 AM PDT


Samsung has partnered with eKitabu, an eBooks software company, to roll out an online based eBooks system for the approved 8-4-4 Secondary School Curriculum. Students enrolling at Sunshine Secondary School will be able to access their educational materials digitally, through Samsung tablets, with educational materials uploaded by eKitabu.

Speaking during a prize giving ceremony at Sunshine Secondary School where the Electronics Company issued the tablets uploaded with eKitabu software, Mr. Robert Ngeru, Vice President, Samsung Electronics East and Central Africa, said that the new e-Learning solution is designed to enhance the school’s academic delivery efficiencies.

“Enabling students to adopt paperless academic digital learning solutions is key to empowering them to embrace technological innovations which the world is quickly adopting. This demonstrates our commitment to Africa, which extends beyond just technological innovation, but towards being a contributing member to the African society and a supporter of regional development.” Said Mr. Ngeru.


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