Top 6 Windows Phone Travel Apps

Planning a holiday or any vacation can sometimes become an overwhelming task. You’ve got your flights to think of, hotels to book, airport transfers and excursions to consider.

Frankly after all the planning, and procrastinating; your holiday isn’t as exciting as you anticipated– it’s just another thing to scrap off your to-do list.

If you’re one of the few super-organized types (read borderline OCD) who’ve already planned your three-day weekend, have your hotel booked, flights checked, bags packed – way to go sport!

Check out these six windows phone travel apps that are sure to put you at ease and guarantee the best hotel and flight bargains.

1. Bing Travel

This is my absolute favorite travel app at the moment! You can search for hotels and flights, check arrivals and departures and find out your flight status. You can also read travel news and the best part; you’ll get trip ideas to feed your wanderlust.

Features: * explore thousands of destinations *search flights and filter by price * select your favorite hotels and destinations and save for later.

Download Bing Travel:

2. is one of the top five websites, in the world, for hotel booking and reservations. The windows phone app offers the same great features as the website – ease of use, simple navigation, and clean interface. You’ll find the best hotel deals from luxury to budget hotels with this app. My favorite bit is “local deals” which helps you discover deals and discounts around you for up to one mile.


3. Kayak

Known for finding cheap flights; this app will be your best friend when it comes to finding hotels, cars for hire and flights for your holiday. You’ll also be able to keep track of your flight, and get notifications on prices changes. It has a very minimalistic interface, which makes navigation pretty straightforward.

Download Kayak:

4. Hotel Search

Have you ever wondered whether you were getting the best deals on your hotel room? Hotel Search helps you compare hotel deal prices. It combines hotels and shows you what, getaroom, onhotels and other hotel sites are charging you. The app is a mobile website, meaning limited functionality -but the “hotels for tonight” button is great for quickly finding a room near you.

Download Hotel Search:

5. ATM Finder

I know you’re rolling your eyes at me right now. But this app will definitely come in handy when you’re exploring and need to replenish your stash of cash. ATM finder gives you a list of all the ATMs that are around you, with proximity of up to 200m. You can filter ATMs by bank name, the only disadvantage are the ads at the bottom of the app.

Download ATM Finder:

6. PackMan

PackMan is a to-do list come hybrid travel planner. It has predefined travel requirements, like reminding you to carry your passport, to mundane actions like packing your socks. It’s a traveler’s Valium! Think of something you need for your trip, it’s already on PackMan; from charging your phone before your trip, watering the plants on your way out, to packing your toothbrush oh and in case you forgot… Packman will remind you to pack your undies (that’s if you’ll be needing them)!

Download PackMan:


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