The Commonwealth Cybersecurity and Broadband Forums


1. The Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2014

The theme for the event was ‘Developing National Cybersecurity Frameworks’.

Key topics that were discussed included:

– Launching the just-adopted Commonwealth Cybergovernance Model
– Developing national plans for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
– Ensuring the protection of intellectual property online
– Privacy vs. Security – where’s the balance?
– DNSSEC in the Commonwealth and beyond
– Implementing Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)
– Applying Commonwealth Cybergovernance Principles

2. Commonwealth Broadband Forum 2014

Key topics discussed:

– Determining Africa’s broadband future
– Mobile broadband technologies: 4G and LTE
– Broadband access and infrastructure aiding development
– Designing the digital dividend: Future spectrum allocation
– Cloud computing for Emerging markets
– Broadband applications Innovation and VAs
– Inclusion. Innovation. Beyond Broadband: The rise of the tech cities.
– Financing broadband in Africa
– Strengthening broadband Public Private Partnerships to accelerate investment projects


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