ASiM® – a Sales (POS) and stock management solution for you. GET IT TODAY!

We at Olivine Technology were the winners of the Pivot East 2014 Mobile Enterprise category, Google Innovation Awards, and we are a CIO Top 100 Company for our flagship product, ASiM,

ASiM® is a Sales (POS) and stock management solution that networks multiple sites seamlessly, such as a company headquarters with its warehouses, outlets, field sales/service agents, and customers.

The app is a multisite management solution for SMEs in the fast moving goods industry. ASiM, for example, integrates a distributor’s warehouses, branches, and field sales vans, hence enabling real-time capture of information related to sales and inventory transactions at multiple locations. It works on android mobile phones and tablets, PCs and laptops, works offline and online, and integrates with popular accounting and ERP apps.
At their sites outside of headquarters, SMEs typically have stand-alone systems, e.g. spreadsheets or pen and paper, hence information is manually reconciled at their headquarters, which expends tremendous amounts of time and leads to enormous stock and cash leakages.
ASiM is the ideal solution: It integrates with SMEs legacy accounting and ERP solutions at their headquarters, is locally supported and economical, thereby eliminating the typical barriers to adoption of multisite management solutions for SMEs, which are change management, IT capacity, and cost challenges.

ASiM® Features are as follows:

Works whether online / offline
ASiM works whether there is internet connectivity or none, allowing the sales team to continue work without interruption.

Networked Sales and Stock Management
ASiM allows for different devices to record transactions simultaneously.

Integration with Accounting Systems
ASiM can integrate with 99% of the accounting systems. For example, Sage Pastel, Navision or Quickbooks.

Automatic Backup
The system backs up data from ASiM to Google Cloud – a very secure and reliable data storage facility.

Real time Synchronization
When the mobile device (with the Sales team in the field) is connected to the internet, the transaction reflects in the dashboard (at the Headquarters) in real time.

Portable ETR – Approved by KRA
This portable thermal printer allows members of the sales team to print itemized ETRs while they are in the field.

Each user is given a unique PIN number which prevents theft or loss of data.

Works on Mobile, Tab and Desktop
No matter how you use ASiM, you will get the same experience with accurate results.



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