Is it possible for iPhone 6 To Run Android Lollipop?


You might be an iPhone user, but have you ever been curious about Android’s OS? Here’s how you can give Android a test run by hacking your iPhone 6 to run Android Lollipop.

If you are an iPhone user who is curious about the Android operating system, but don’t want to completely commit to an Android phone, you now have another option: there is a new hack that lets you run Android Lollipop on your iPhone 6.

First, you need a jailbroken version of iOS on your iPhone 6, meaning that you’ll need the capability of running apps that aren’t in the Apple app store.

Next, you’ll need the Andrios app, which calls itself “an Android experience for iOS.”

Basically, what Andrios does is it takes the user interface features of Android Lollipop and applies them to your iPhone. So that means that although you don’t get the full features of running Android on your iPhone, you get a lot of Android’s most popular elements, such as the Google search bar, the action bar buttons, the notification center, lock screen notifications, Android’s power menu, the music playback widget and Android volume sliders.

Although the Andrios app isn’t available yet, once it goes up, expect to pay around $4 for the Android experience on your iPhone. The screenshots, however, look great and show an interface that looks like it was directly ripped from Android.

If you want to try different versions of Android user interfaces, Andrios also has an option that lets you choose between the Lollipop and KitKat versions of Android.

According to the Reddit thread making the announcement about Andrios, iPhone 6 users seem excited about the release of this app.

“Shut up and take my money,” writes Reddit user lovewd. “But seriously, I love you for making this its amazing.”

“Only one word can describe this ….extraordinary,” writes Reddit user Phj200. “This looks just absolutely amazing. Props to the devs for putting so much time and effort into this project. Can not wait for it to come out!”

It seems that Andrios might already be a big hit. The developers are promising that the app is “almost ready,” so expect a release soon, possibly within the next few months.


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