Celebrating Motherhood on Mother’s Day

Did you know that Anna Jarvis is the woman accredited as the founder of mother’s day? Or the world youngest mother was 5 year old Lina Medina from Peru?

This year’s mother’s day celebrations will mark 100 years since Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president signed the mother’s day proclamation officially recognizing mother’s days as a national holiday in the US and marking its journey to international recognition.

Mother’s day is a time to celebrate mothers and motherhood while appreciating the efforts and challenges mothers throughout the globe face when it comes to raising and naturing families. Mother’s day has gained international recognition as it is observed in more than 170 countries.

Africa is not left behind when it comes to celebrating the African mother. In East and Southern Africa, mother’s day is observed on the second Sunday of May (10th May 2015), French speaking Africa observes it on the last Sunday of May (31st May 2015) while most North African countries observe it on 21st March.

In preparation for the mother’s day celebration, Jovago has prepared an infographic on mothers and mother’s day in Africa.

In appreciating the Afican mother, Jovago is also giving you the chance to win your mother a night for 2 in a 4 star hotel of their choice in Kenya. In addition, she will have a free complimentary SPA treatment.

All you have to do is;
-take a selfie with your mother
-upload it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hash tag #Jovagolovesmom and let your friends and family like/comment/share it.

If your selfie has lots of likes, comments and shares by 9th May 2015, you will have won your mother the perfect mother’s day gift.

Participate now and follow Jovago on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Jovago_ea


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