Google is Looking to Buy Your Patents

Do you have patents? Do you feel like selling them? Google’s listening. On Monday Google launched what they’re calling a Patent Purchase Promotion, with the goal to “remove friction from the patent market and improve the landscape”. They will be opening up a portal on May 8th to let people be able to tell the company about the patents you’re willing to sell as well as how much you’d like to make off of them. The portal will then close May 22, which Google will then review the submissions and reach out to you about buying the patents. Here’s more about it, on Google’s patents site:

Google isn’t new to the patent space, as it’s been attempting to shore up reserves for years. It also accused tech giants like Apple and Microsoft back in 2011 of strangling Android with coordinated patent purchases and had pledged to defend its mobile OS through patent purchases of its own. And just last year, Google worked with Canon, Dropbox and others on the License on Transfer Network, an “arms control” for the patent world. Would you sell patents to Google if you had any? What do you think about tech companies buying up patents in this manner?


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