Save the Whales: What Technological Advance Would You Design to save them?

Quick quiz: What is the largest animal on the planet today? A blue whale! Weighing in at 210 tons (max) and up to thirty meters in length, most people have heard of different situations where the majestic blue whale is hit by a cargo ship and will, sometimes, die as a direct result.

Researchers at Stanford University have studied that blue whales do not know that they should not approach cargo ships because they do not have defensive measures. As the largest animal, the blue whale does not have a predator. The largest problem is that when the whale does realize the cargo ship is not a friendly figure and dives to escape the encroaching vessel, he cannot sink fast enough to avoid the propellers of the ship (around thirty meters).

With this new information, researchers will now try to design an alert system or another life-saving measure to implement. What technological advance would you design to save the whales?


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