Nakumatt orders audit over pricing glitch

In Summary

  • Customers who fell victim of the price differences complained on social media.
  • Cofek led a campaign against the price discrepancies on social media further asking Kenyans to be cautious with the shops’ dealings.

Nakumatt has begun auditing its pricing systems following customers’ outcry over discrepancies in the shelf and till prices of products.

The regional supermarket chain Managing Director Atul Shah said in a statement that the alleged price discrepancies were undergoing internal review to ascertain the circumstances that could have led to the slow update of shelf price stickers.

Mr Shah said the differences in shelf and till prices were “isolated and inadvertent” and corrective measures have been instituted.

Customers who fell victim of the price differences complained on social media.

The hashtag #NakumattOnTrial was trending on Twitter on Monday and Tuesday.

But Mr Shah, bowing to the pressure following the rants, said the slow changes could have been attributed to the lack of updates on the price variations at the branch level.

“We want to ensure and guarantee our system integrity particularly on these pricing concerns,” he said.

Mr Shah said the shop employs a one-price policy across all its branches in Kenya.

“All price changes, are centrally managed from our Nairobi headquarters and are dictated by corresponding price change advisories dictated by respective suppliers,” Mr Shah said.

The retail chain, according to the MD, will also employ a digital price checker kiosks at strategic points within its premises to assist buyers in making purchase decisions before they proceed to the tills.

“Our customers will now confirm product pricing by simply scanning the product barcodes at these stations before heading to the tills.

“Shoppers are encouraged to lodge their complaints with the duty managers at the branches,” Mr Shah stated.

Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) led the campaign against the price discrepancies on social media and asked Kenyans to be cautious when shopping at their outlets.

The watchdog agency said they will be lodging a general complaint and pursue remedial action especially for consumers who suffered the losses and still have no knowledge of the same.

“The Federation intends to use the latest Nakumatt supermarkets case to offer an unforgettable lesson that retails have a responsibility, not shoppers, to ensure that there is no discrepancy between display and actual till prices,” Cofek said in a statement on its website.

“We will be demanding an apology as well as a forensic audit of Nakumatt billing and pricing system integrity and compensation for direct and consequential costs to consumers,” the agency said.


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