Top Java performance Problems to Devs

Java performance is an issue of interest for all Java application developers, since making an application fast is as important as making it functional. However, most of them have common root causes and the basic performance issues can be sorted to three basic categories:

  • Database problems, that mostly have to do with persistence configuration, caching or database connection thread pool configuration. Since database is the basic component of an application functionality, it also is the basic root of performance issues.
  • Memory problems, that usually are garbage collection misconfiguration or memory leaks. Garbage collection may cause all threads to stop in order to reclaim memory. When this procedure takes too much time or occurs too often, then there is a problem. Memory leaks in Java may occur in different ways than C or C++, since they are more of a reference management issue. In Java a reference to an object may be maintained even though it may not be used again.
  • Concurrency problems, and basically deadlocks, gridlocks and thread pool configuration problems. Concurrency occurs when several computations are executed at the same time. Java uses synchronization and locks to manage multithreading. But synchronization can cause thread deadlocks, gridlocks and thread pool size issues.

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