Here’s How To Fix It! Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Disappearing Mobile Data Toggle….if there is

Samsung is on the receiving end of a lot of ire from pissed off owners of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge after users found out that mobile data toggle on their Quick Settings has vanished into thin air.

Users around the world are taking to online forums complaining about the sudden disappearance of the mobile data toggle on their phone’s Quick Settings. Reports say the disappearance happened suddenly, even without downloading or updating third-party apps, as a Samsung customer service representative claims to be a possible cause of the glitch.

“Today, I switch(ed) on mobile data using the toggle in (the) notification area and then turn(ed) off after some usage,” says one user complaining on the XDA forums. “Later on, I tried to turn again and the toggle disappeared. How do I make it show up again? No software update was done. EXTRA information: Phone is completely stock. Never rooted it.”

Other users are bemoaning the same issue, adding that a number of other toggles, including the hotspot and private mode toggles, are also gone.

“The data and hotspot (maybe more but never used them so can’t recall) are missing too,” says another user. “I’m from Guatemala so it seems it’s a worldwide thing.”

“Got the same problem here,” chimes in another. “Private mode and mobile data icon disappeared from Quick Settings. Now I need to go to Settings every time I want to turn it on or off.”

Samsung is already aware of the issue and has confirmed that it is indeed a problem with the software on the S6 and S6 Edge. Speaking to one customer, a Samsung rep says the issue has already been forwarded to the concerned developer team, which is already working on a fix to bring back the missing toggles.

While there is no official solution yet to the case of the disappearing toggles, a few users have shared possible fixes to the problem. While this is inconvenient, there is still a way for users to turn mobile data on or off when they need to. The switch can be found deep down in the Settings app under Data Usage, which users can easily tap to turn data on or off.

Another user has shared over the Android Central forum the solution he received from Samsung store staff, who advised him that he can turn mobile data on or off by pressing the power button and tapping Data Network Mode. Users can then choose Enable to turn on data and Disable to turn it off.

And for people who really want to bring back the mobile data toggle in Quick Settings, here is a technical solution that requires one to know how to work with APKs. User NimeniAltu suggests searching in the Google Play Store for “Multiwindow toggle,” and this will bring up an app that will allow users to add a multiwindow toggle for smartphones that are not rooted. NimeniAltu then modified the app to add the APKs for data toggle, hotspot toggle and private mode toggle to enable these icons in Quick Settings once again.


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