Microsoft Demos Minecraft For HoloLens At E3 2015 – This Is The Future of Gaming

minecraft(Photo : Microsoft | Twitter)

E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo. June 16-18 at The annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Microsoft has shown off a stunning new version of Minecraft for HoloLens, allowing users to project the Minecraft world directly onto a table in front of them, offering almost god-like powers to the gamer.

Microsoft has demoed a stunning new version of Minecraft for the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset at E3.

The new version of the popular game will allow users to play and interact within the Minecraft world on any surface they want, as well as being able to play with others who are not using Hololens.

During the demo, Microsoft showed off what Minecraft would look like being played on a wall through HoloLens, similar to what it looks like on a computer screen, however perhaps more notable was when the company brought Minecraft to a table. Using Hololens, users will be shown complete areas and worlds on a table in 3D, as if the world was sitting right there on the table in front of the user. Then, the user will be able to use their hands and voice to control elements of the Minecraft world.

For example, the company showed how users can change perspectives and views using voice control with the Hololens. For example, users can tell the device to zoom in or out, even being able to zoom far enough to look inside rooms. Furthermore, users can raise the world entirely to see what would otherwise be hidden underground.

In another example, the company showed how users could tell the game to launch a lightning strike, simply by saying the words “lightning strike.”


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