Traits & Skills of a Tech Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Traits & Skills of a Successful Tech Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs are either crazy, risk-embracing visionaries unafraid to gamble everything to bring their radical innovations to life, or they’re not.

Chances are, they’re not.

Owning your own successful business does require a bit of an independent streak perhaps, but what you really need are a broad set of skills, a good deal of relevant experience, and a willingness to try and try again.

There are probably as many reasons why people want to be entrepreneurs as there are new businesses launching, and while your journey will ultimately be unique to you, it can be very helpful to understand what motivates other like-minded travelers — what their challenges and opportunities are, and how they rise above the former and take advantage of the latter.

We know that entrepreneurship can be daunting, and that it might not be for everyone. But what’s critical to understand is that the skills and traits you need to succeed are learnable, attainable, and possible. That’s what this infographic is all about. Real people with real skills, building real products, and pursuing real dreams.


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