Peter Ouma Oloo

Bio: I have always been passionate about technology and ways technology can be used to leverage and transform Africa in the way we live, work, play and govern. I enjoy drinking from the fountain of cutting edge Mobile Technology, Bio-Engineering, and Bio-Inspired Computing. I have considerable knowledge in different programming languages and environments. My strengths are in Business Intelligence and Analytic, Enterprise Architectures, Mobile Software Development, Web Applications, Web Design and Development, Systems Engineering, Software Development and Modeling, Network Infrastructure Management and Communications, Systems Security and Audit, Information Systems Management, IP/MPLS Engineering, and Business Applications (development, implementation, and integration). I have necessary experience in component framework design and implementation as well as resourceful in test automation. I strongly enjoy to architect, design and implement scalable and robust systems. I adapt well to new technologies and love to learn more. I always try my best to find elegant solutions to any kind of problem. My strengths are also in information systems and data security, parallel computing, distributed systems and n-tier architectures. I am currently researching on computer vision (enabling computers to ‘see’ and understand the world around them), machine learning (equipping computers with the ability to learn from experience) and bio-inspired computing (using observations from biology to develop new computing technologies). I am willing to be exposed to grand challenges in modern computing, programming paradigms and multi-disciplinary applications, including Brain-Computer interface; Data Analytics and Mining; Big Data Analytics; Interactive Virtual Reality; Cloud Computing; GPU Computing; Swarm Intelligence and Artificial Life; and Visual intelligence.

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